CSM Live: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Video created by EFarthing@apptio.com Employee on Jun 22, 2020

    Listen as Harrison Wiener and Jayne Towles discuss Apptio's new Collaboration feature. This session includes an overview of the capabilities, why it matters, and best practices on how to leverage comments to drive adoption and accountability within your organization.

    NOTE  There one correction and one update that need to be made based off of the Q&A section at the end 


    QuestionOriginal AnswerCorrected or updated answer
    Can you put hyperlinks in a comment?Yes. CORRECTION Hyperlinks are not supported in 12.8.3 but we are fixing this. The estimated release version is 12.9.1.
    Can you create a comment on a cell?No. However you can use annotations.UPDATE  The ability to comment on a cell is on the the comments product road map and eventually the annotations feature will be decommissioned. We recommend where possible, use the comments feature.