do you load .zip files via Data Link ?

Discussion created by wojciech on Dec 27, 2019


I use TBM in v 12.8. We are loading large files as base for actual bookings ( 6 mln rows, 2 GB csv file)  which I can load manually via TBM studio as #zip -ed #csv (300 MB). I want to keep it zipped to safe disc space & transfer speed into Apptio.

Now, in order to automatize whole process I wanted to schedule load via #datalink.

I have drive to which I have different connectors loading csv files, which work correctly.

I wanted to do same for zipped csv. I use on premise data link in version 10985.

If I test connector configured for zip connection it is successful:

But if I run it it ends up with failed status. There is no data hanging under Data Link persona, target table is also not checked out to anyone.



I know functionality of loading .zip files is not officially supported, but since manual load works I assume Data Link should also manage it. have anyone tested loading zip files, does it work for anyone ?