Socializing Salesforce

Discussion created by bilsi on Dec 6, 2019

I'm interested in starting a discussion about successes and failures in socializing SaaS Insights - Salesforce reports. We are beginning to roll out our reports, and I'm having lots of Skype calls to showoff the current status of reports and begin talks about 'operationalizing' the insights gained. Also, we are hearing a lot about what is useful or not, and where there are opportunities for improvements. Some prompting questions:


1. In the context of SaaS Insights - Salesforce, what 'value' are your business users finding? 

2. How are you tracking feedback, and when does feedback turn into a customization of the reporting? 

3. How are you?

4. Do you have any do's or don't's for rolling out these reports and gaining adoption? 


Any other questions to add to the discussion?!?! One thing I've started doing at the beginning of the skype meeting is sharing the RAW contract data. I point out the Annual Spend Total, License Purchased Total, and Monthly Spend Total. This really helps build trust in the reports when they see the same numbers on KPI's. And, it proactively addresses some question like "where do the data come from?"