TBM Exec Forum - July 10, 2019 Registration Open

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Join your peers at The TBM Executive Advisory Forum's July webinar to hear from TBM execs who are making smarter decisions faster with TBM. With IT cost analysis, too much time and effort are often spent extracting, cleaning, validating and sharing the data and not enough time making the decisions based on the data. This is one of the challenges of IT cost analysis. No wonder it can take organizations as long as two months to answer ad-hoc questions about costs!


Attend this webinar to learn how Brink’s VP of TBM & Transformation Keith Barthelmeuand PepsiCo’s Director of TBM Amy Byalick, MBA can understand costs and their drivers in seconds, enabling them to make smarter decisions faster and demonstrate the value of IT in terms the business understands. Hosted by Advocate's Director of TBM Solutions ArchitectureTim Pietro.


Register here: http://bit.ly/2WspVqc 


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