Services Extension for State Government

Discussion created by dpuckett on Jun 3, 2019
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This post will serve as the primary discussion point for members of the State Government Standards Workgroup to discuss possible services and service hierarchies to add to the TBM taxonomy through our Taxonomy Extension Kit (TEK). On that note, a couple of things to consider as we're brainstorming these topics: 


  • When considering services, we need to ensure that what we propose provides unique value to our peers within state government. The intention of this extension would be for someone from state government who is just beginning to explore the taxonomy to be able to look at the extension and immediately identify with the information and see it as useful. The desired reaction when viewing this services extension should be "perfect, that's where I fit into this whole TBM thing."
  • We also want to balance this desire to create something readily accessible to our peers in government with the need to keep the list manageable in size. This list should not be an exhaustive list of every possible business service that government provides, but it does need to be specific enough that it provides value. 
  • This list is focused on business services, and needs to expand beyond just the IT service that underpins it. 


With those thoughts in mind, let's brainstorm in the discussion below what a business services extension looks like for state government. What do we think are common business services that any government entity performs (licensing, tax collection, etc)? What are services that are unique to state government? Let's discuss below!