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Issues Importing Actuals to ITP from CT due to Vendor names

Question asked by jon.freeman on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by Debbie Hagen

my project is 

I'm doing the ITFMF backpack.  I'm on page 73 and trying to import actuals into ITP from CT.  I get 791 errors like:

Could not resolve one or more references to another table: Vendor (791 instances)

  • Troux ~ V2200 ~
  • Avici Tech Services ~ V2130 ~
  • Modis ~ V2134 ~

You'll notice this is because of the tilde sign at the end.  

Here is where it is coming from:

On pg43, step 7 in CT, we concatenated Vendor Name and ID using a formula in Vendor List table (to get "Troux ~ V2200")

on pg43, step 8 in CT, this is mapped into ITP Vendor Master's Name column

on pg46, step 26 we imported this from CT into ITP.  so "Troux ~ V2200" is the Vendor's name in ITP

This appears in ITP's Planning-->Expenses table's Vendor column

On this same screen, we use an action (this is on pg57) to Publish this to CT using an action on that page.

So over in CT in ITPF Budget table vendor = "Troux ~ V2200"

This bubbles up into ITPF Budget Transform and then again into CS Master.

CS Master bubbles up into ITPF Actuals

But then here, on pg68 we AGAIN append Vendor Name and ID (because the other table appended to CS Master [GL Actuals] didn't have them concatenated.  But for those appended from ITPF Budget tables, we already concatenated them so, for V2200, the ID column is empty so we get the Name "Troux ~ V2200" appended to nothing so now it says "Troux ~ V2200 ~ " and of course, when we try to Export to xls and then upload it into ITP on pg 73 it can't find any match for  "Troux ~ V2200 ~ ".