Webinar Slides & Recording

Discussion created by swmorley on Apr 3, 2019

Below is a link to the webinar recording and attached are the slides from the Anthem team.


Anthem Webinar - Q1 2019


*Here is the URL path in case the link above isn't working for you: 



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I am also sharing the list of discussion topics in case people would like to continue the conversation here on TBM Connect. 


  1. Size and profile of implementation team
  2. Size and profile of TBM Office
  3. TBM Office report to CIO or CFO
  4. Strategies/tactics used to address data quality issues
  5. Training needs by roles and user groups
  6. ETL vs CSV for data uploads
  7. Predictors of technology resource consumption in healthcare
  8. Value realization hypothesis for a health plan
  9. Journey from cost transparency to value realization


Thank you all who participated! Looking forward to the next one.