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ITP Actuals Headcount

Question asked by kelli.a.king on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by jgreen

Just wondering if anyone ran into this

  • Our actuals for employee salaries are anonymous in our cost source GL.
  • We don't have a data set right now that currently updates what our actual headcount is when we import the actuals

The question do you have keep track of what your actual headcount is in ITP for the previous months?

  • Do you go back into the forecasts and update each month when you get the actuals? 
    • We get a separate set of data from HR that gives us our headcount 
    • It seems like a pretty manual process to go in and reconcile

How do you handle reconciling your actual vs. planned headcount in ITP so you can have a retrospective look at your headcount planning throughout the year?


Kaitlin Smith

Heather Leifer