Goldie Locks and the many Contract types

Discussion created by piawakefield on Mar 13, 2019

Hi, all - would very very happy to hear how you are using Contract Types as meta data to drive better segregation of recurring spend. In our environment we have relatively few account types to choose from, and many vendors provide a large variety of good and services. Using Contract type seems like an option to provide better segregation of cost within an account/vendor group - without much extra work (one-time setup on the contract tab). We want to avoid the Goldie Lock syndrome of TOO MANY or TOO FEW, but what is JUST RIGHT? Anyone willing to share the list they are using, or what other approach they have used? How are you all pining down cost in the infosec domain?

Here is our preliminary (but slightly looooong) list:

Cloud Business Software Subscription (fixed)
Cloud Business Software Subscription (usage based)
Cloud IT Operations Software Subscription
Cloud Collaboration Software Subscription
Cloud Communication Subscriptions
Cloudbased Infrastructure (usage based)
Cloudbased Infrastructure (reserved instances)
Cloudbased Platforms
Business Systems Support
End-User Software Support
Collaboration/Productivity Software Support
Network HW Maintenance
Security HW Maintenance
WiFi HW Maintenance
A/V Systems Support
Voice System Support
Server HW Maintenance
Storage HW Maintenance
Training Services Subscription
Implementation SOW
Managed Services Contract
Consulting SOW
TEM Services