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I just completed my RTBMA 2019 course!


I would like to encourage anyone who is progressing through this right now, to be persistent, especially if you're in an inconvenient timezone as I am, in Melbourne, Australia. (Many of my webinar sessions were at 10pm or 12am midnight, and ran for 3 hours.) I actually completed my exam in 2018, but had to repeat it, because I didn't accumulate the required 1500 points until 2019. For anyone stuck here, complete your quests in your profile!      ( Click TBM Connect > your profile icon > your profile name > your number of points on your progress bar > Available Quests . )      There are plenty of points here, and there are some fun exercises!


And one last note, after completing your exam, even if you've completed it reasonably well, click Show Your Answers anyway, because you still might learn some good lessons on the few that you got wrong. Many of these wrong answers aren't due to semantics or trivial differences, and they will make the exam even more worth your efforts.