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I have a question on installing Physical Server data

Question asked by on Feb 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Debbie Hagen

I am attaching three PNG files namely 1)   Physical Server Details, 2)   Appending to Physical Server Master & 3)   Putting in a hack to initialize Virtualization Profile in Physical Server Master Data. I imported the Physical Servers.csv into Physical Server Details table. I created 3 additional columns 1)   IT Resource Sub Tower (my bad in dropping "Name" at the end but shouldn't really matter) 2)   IT Resource Tower Name & 3) Server Type (instead of Virtualization Profile). Essentially I assigned the left 2 characters from Server ID. As seen in the 1st PNG file.


When I tried to transfer the contents of Physical Server Details to Physical Server Master Data table the Column "Server Type" was not available to assign to Virtualization Profile column as seen in the 2nd PNG file.


So I put in hack in formulas step of the transform pipeline same as I put in the Physical Server Details table.


I am curious to find out why was unable to see the "Server Type" column while I was transferring the content of Physical Server Details?


When I tried to proceed to do the allocations its still not working. I am attaching 2 more PNG files 1) High Level Allocation flow & 2) Physical Server Master Data table appears to be empty for allocations. In the 2nd file the destination pane for Physical Server Master Data appears to have no rows. I am mystified why it is so. Never mind the distributions configuration allocation. Where am I screwing up? I am assuming the 1st issue has no bearing on this or does it?






Rao Tayi