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I have a few doubts regarding Storage Devices & Storage

Question asked by on Feb 10, 2019
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Although, my answers are coming out correctly I have several doubts and questions.


1)   From reading the users guide for Configuring CT Apps and Services Installation or Back Pack 4 for short. I got the impression that the relation ship between Storage devices and Storage was one of containment or Storage Device contains one or more Storages.

2)   If so why are multiple entries in the Storage Devices tables be it be Master Data table or just the table with same Storage Device ID.

3)   Those tables also have Storage ID that also absolutely does not make sense

4)   COAD's rules of normalcy seem to be flouted with total disregard.

5)   Now coming to the Storage Tables they carry both the IDs mentioned above. Lots of other attributes overlap. Perhaps there are a few which are disjoint from each other.

6)   I did map the Storage Device Table to Storage Table and found that they are 1 to 1 and onto.

7)   This begs the question Y on god's green earth do we need two tables then?

8)    There seem to be many attributes that seem make no sense at all to be in the Storage Device Table such as "Used Space", "Usable Capacity" which could be computable values based on the storage contained in each instance.

9)   "Total Space" attribute seems to me represents the maximum storage that may be held in the device based on the selection of various storages it can contain.

10)   Coming to allocation from Storage Devices to Storage why were we recommended to add an additional relation ship via the location attribute? Isn't it a given that location of a storage element be the same as the location of the device containing it?

11)   I took that relationship out still I get proper allocation of $126,908

12)   On the other hand when I set the relationship of Storage ID = Storage ID I get only an allocation of $40,364 why is that

13)   Lastly I am a bit confused when the Allocation configuration dialog is presented and the rationale behind it. When I selected the Storage Model and click on the Storage device the allocation rules are displayed but not allowed to edit anything. On the other hand only when I select Storage Devices model on clicking Storage object am I allowed to edit the allocations.


I would greatly appreciate your responses to quite the long list of questions - my apologies for that.





Rao Tayi