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Backpack 1 Several Issues

Question asked by on Jan 9, 2019
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I am currently trying to complete this training before I go on leave on 26th January. I am having some issues which I cannot understand. The first one is in the Cost Source model. My numbers do not match (but are exactly the same as the two different numbers in the guide). I have tried to work out what I have not connected correctly but just cannot find it. Just wondering if you could give me a clue whether they need to match exactly, where I should be looking to find the issue?

Second one is Transform Data using the Pipeline for the Fixed Assets Ledger. I believe that the Depreciation formula should be a numeric value column, for which I have chosen Depreciation Amount in both files, but this does not work as a lookup formula, or an If statement. Suggestions?

Third is the data relationship for Cost Source Master Data and Fixed Asset Master Data. I seem to not be able to find the two columns that should be connected. And so far I am not getting any values in Fixed Assets in the model. My Labor section seems to be good.

I am in Australia and have not been able to attend a lab session but will try over the next couple of days.



Denise Rambow