Passed Recognized TBMA Exam

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Just completed the exam.  Had to take a second shot at it(missed by .5%-grrr!), but that was fine.  


I did notice that there had been a discussion about the "Company's outgoing cash flow on tangible goods that are depreciated, falls into which catgeory".  The poster indicated that CapEx had been entered and was wrong.  That seems to have been updated as I got credit for a credit answer there.


Another is that that for "some changes to the ATUM model are characterized as ______ and little or not impact on the ability of ATUM to deliver it's stated benefits."  On my first attempt I chose administrative settings, and unless I am dreaming, got credit for a correct answer, but the second time, the same answer got a wrong answer.  


A number of questions were common sense.  Multiple choice questions a number of times had very obvious wrong answers(Mask IT costs, too much transparency), which makes it easy to narrow down the possibilities.    So there are some relatively easy points to grab in those questions.  


The other nice thing is that while some of the questions are harder, and there are right and wrong answers presented, none that I saw looked to be trying to trick you.  If you've done your prep, there is no reason to look upon this exam in fear.  You'll be fine.


Thanks for reading.