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Backpack 4 overallocation present in the Guide but not in my Model

Question asked by Employee on Dec 7, 2018
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Hi Instructors!


I'm working through the allocation from Physical Server to Hypervisor and Servers on page 28 of the PDF Guide. The guide is showing that I should be seeing an overallocation, and while my numbers match up (for the most part), I don't have any overallocation present in my model.


I've worked through the guides suggested in other answers for non-matching numbers and was able to correct the weighting on my Data Centers allocation to Physical Server, so my totals on the right now match the guide for everything but Servers. The only problem that I can see (and I don't know that it's really a problem, as overallocation isn't desired, right?) is that I don't have any double-allocated numbers between Servers and Hypervisor. In the guide, it seems to me that perhaps they have allocated things incorrectly and are counting Hypervisor server instances twice (within both Servers and Hypervisor).



The Guide:


My Project:


Any guidance you can provide as to whether I have dodged a modeling bullet, or if I've made a mistake in my allocations would be super appreciated. I've gone back through to ensure that things are mapped and weighted correctly and I'm sure if I've missed something, it is probably something basic.


Thank you in advance!!