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Issue to drive Labor Budget/Plan data in Labor Model

Question asked by kfochler on Dec 2, 2018
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I am working on the ETBMp exercises and I am using the Advanced CTF R12 Configuration Student Guide v1.2 06.25. My Project is



I am having two issues related to Labor Cost in my Project.


Issue #1:

I notice that I cannot add a filter as shown on page 17 in the Advanced CTF R12 Configuration Student Guide v1.2 06.25. See Screenshot from Student Guide.


Also see Screenshot from my model where the option to set a filter is not activated  though the Labor Model has been checked out.


Nevertheless my model seems to work ok, even without the filter. I assume it is sufficient that the Cost Source_Labor Key is used correctly. Thus driving Labor Cost correctly from Cost Source Masterdata to Labor Masterdata.


Is my understanding related to Issue 1 correct?



Issue #2:  

When I then append the Labor Plan/Budget data the model does not work anylonger – neither for Cost nor for Budget. I notice that I am getting duplicates for each Labor ID as I am now having an actual Labor Headcount and a Planned Labor Headcount


What do I need to change to have model work correctly?




Your is advice is - as always - much appreciated.