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I need help with Backpack 2 - Configuring your Model and Allocations in R12 and the instructor closed the Lab assist. I can't create the model and I am not sure what will best guide me. I need help!

Question asked by ln_tbma on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Debbie Hagen

I don't understand the requirements and probably need this explained to me.


Job description

 *Do not add in any special characters in your file name, otherwise it will not upload

Upload a screenshot of your completed Model Report. Please set your time period to January, 2017 and follow the directions below. 

Your model report may need small edits when completing step two in order to complete the directions. 

  1. In the IT Resource Towers tier  drill to IT Resource Tower Name
  2. In the Finance tier Fixed Asset object drill to Cost Center
  3. Select CC-340
  4. Collapse the Vendor column
  5. Take your screenshot.

Below is a partial screenshot of the Model Report just in case a visual will help you.