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My numbers don't match the guide on the 2nd backpack Configuring your Model and Allocations in R12

Question asked by Employee on Sep 24, 2018
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So, I'm right at the start of the backpack creating a new model, I've just created it. Unfortunately, while the numbers match on the Cost Model (the left hand column) and the Services column (right hand column), they don't match on the IT Resource Tower Name column. I seem to be under-allocating on the first 4.


(my value vs pdf)

Application: $946,714 vs  $968,234

Compute: $599,835 vs $760,652

Network: $461391 vs $516,961

Data Center: $129,994 vs $253,316

End User: $134,843 (correct)

Storage: $126,908 (correct) 

Delivery: $97,019 (correct)… 


Could you take a look to see if I have something wrong in my underlying model?