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Help - Installing and Configuring CTF R12

Question asked by rajeev on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2018 by rajeev

Installing and Configuring CTF R12… 


Issue 1: 

Page 51 : Defining allocation strategy for Cost Pools to IT Resource Towers.

I am not sure why the only Fixed Asset Ledger is flowing into IT Resource tower. Other Cost pools and Labor is showing zero and not flowing into IT Resource Tower.


Issue 2:

Other Cost Pools as per my calculation is $1672920 but the document shows $1643389. 

I am not sure where the mistake is. It was correct when I created the flow. Not sure what is happening.



Issue 3:

My value for the Labor does not match the document. Not able to figure our why.

My calculation $1290578  but document value is $1142078



Please review and provide help / suggestions.



Rajeev Rajan


Debbie Hagen Megan Beasley