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Configuring IT Financial Mgt Foundation - error importing data into ITP

Question asked by markr on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by markr

I am doing the Configuring IT Financial Mgt Foundation. I am trying to do the initial import of data into IT Planning (with data - the links to the CT Base project work). I get an error saying as follows: Duplicate values found in a column that has a uniqueness constraint: Code (8 instances) Consulting Contract Labor Outside Services Transfers.


The cause of this seems to be that the account group and account subgroup for these 4 are the same name. I tried adding to the formula in the Chart of Accounts so say that if the account group and the account subgroup were the same then add 'services' to the end of the subgroup name (using a nested If statement) but this seemed send Apptio into a spin when trying to see the output table.


So two questions, is the code column in the IT Planning app supposed to be unique values only and, if so is the chart of accounts data wrong?


CT Base instance 

IT Planning instance