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Backpack 5: Unable to export budget financials to Cost-transparency page 57

Question asked by on Aug 3, 2018
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Hi Apptio-University, 


I'm unable to export my budget financials that I've previously uploaded to the IT-planning component. 


I'm told that my IT planing integration should look somewhat like this on page 15-16:



My model is shown below: 


Earlier on in the student guide I was asked to import data from CT to IT-Planning. I did so without any problems. My question is, how can I import something from CT to IT-Planning but not export something from IT-planning to CT? 


I'm exporting the Financials Budget Data set from IT planning to CT. Thus I'm guessing that I'll only be able to do so, if I have mapped the destination correct in the integration shown above. My destination for Financials Budget Dataset is ITPF Budget. Which also exist in CT. 


When I do the following steps I get the error shown below: 

Can you help me by pointing me in the direction? 

In advance thanks for your help.