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Acme IT Resource Towers List has bad data for 3 specific sub tower records

Question asked by Employee on Jul 31, 2018
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Hello Instructors, this is more of an FYI. I found "bad" records for 3 IT Sub Tower names in the Acme IT Resource Towers List. I am unaware if this is an isolated incident but I had to search and replace on these three Sub towers in the raw data and overwrite the data upload with the new save.

The towers were:


IT Finance
IT Management & Strategic Planning
IT Vendor Management


I was getting unallocated records coming from Labor and mapping to these Sub towers. I discovered this when I started Backpack 3 and looked at the unallocated records report. If another student runs into this, feel free to direct them to this article. Attached is the "new" version of the list.