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Help Allocating to Other Cost Pools

Question asked by on Jun 25, 2018
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Hello.  I am at a loss on pg 49 Step 5 - allocating to Other Cost Pools.  When I go to Cost Source I can't even see Other Cost Pools.  I'm attempting to figure this out, however am just completely stuck. 


1) I can't really figure out what the "from section" is, which means I am unable to figure out the entire second sentence about "Is" columns. 


2) The one part I thought i could figure out is the last sentence regarding a column created in the Cost Source to IT Resource Master data concatenating the "CC.Map" and the cost center, however there is already a column by that name that concatenates ="CC.Map"&&Cost Center&&Cost Source Key Metafield.  In this respect, I cannot add another column with the same name.  


Basically I'm don't even know where to begin on this whole Other Cost pool part.