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Storage allocation and other issues

Question asked by aburkert on Jun 23, 2018
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As part of "Cost Transparency Apps and Services Installation" I have run into multiple issues. 

Following on from the Data Center configuration, I expected the implementation to just flow, but on page 18, step 7 (Configure allocation from ITRT to Storage Devices) I hit the 1st issue - there just was NO connection between the two, i.e. the problem was not that the allocation was "0", which I had expected, but that there was no relationship (and I triple-checked ITRT and ITRST); I think I could semi-resolve it by creating a manual relationship, but didn't feel comfortable in doing so (will attach a Word document with screenshots).

Side-issue is that the numbers should match the guide, but do not, as the "Mainframe Offline Storage" does not get allocated - while there is cost for it, it definitely does not come from the provided file, as that one does NOT have any Tier-4 - is this my wrong or is it meant to be like this?


Moving on to Hypervisor, which went smooth for a bit, but then some of the "joins" did not seem to populate, some of the values were still "0", whereas some others already had some allocations, ....; so I saved again and decided to check everything in....15+ minutes later and it still tells me "This document is being calculated"