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Model report and model fallout questions

Question asked by aburkert on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by Debbie Hagen

I do expect most of my issues are more due to a (current) lack of understanding on my side - none of them I consider critical (I will try to attend a Lab Assist, but for various reasons the next ones are really impossible ;-) ).


The two - more SaaS/technical - questions first. When creating the model report as part of Introduction to Cost Transparency R12 - (Create a Model Report), I ended up with a multitude of issues (or a lack of patience), i.e.

"database does not exist" message, spinning circle(s) for several minutes, NO numbers in the report and - probably the most annoying issue - a misalignment of mouse pointer and location (i.e. the pointer was on "Summary" within the Reports section, but showed content from the user created one; this offset by one continued for awhile). For the latter - logout/login resolved it for the moment... For some of the former deleting model report(s) [can there be more than one?] and recreating it, also fixed it.

It took a long time for the system to refresh and with multiple "Save" and a "Check-in" the report still stated "A newer version exists..." [No, it doesn't!!]. Both Chrome and Firefox had similar issues.


Alright - now to the exercise questions.

1)  For the "create a model report" my numbers just don't look right (and no, I have been unable to figure out the "edit" step after point 2.!).


I am sorry, but even after reading the "Challenge" on page 9 I still don't get it. It would be very nice, if someone could a) explain what it means and b) how to achieve it (more than the provided "Hint" will be required, I am afraid).


My problem is that looking at the "Cost" metrics (if I understand correctly it provides another view) - the numbers are exactly the same as in the created model report, so now I question the whole setup...


2) for the 2nd exercise (the next section) - Model Fallout: would it be possible to get confirmation that my answer to A) is correct (this is an easy one, isn't it?) and get an explanation what is meant by "Vendors single object modeler pre-filtered report" - pre-filtered to/by what? - again, I have watched another video on TBMCouncil, which talks at length (not really - 7mins) about "single object models", so I am pretty sure, I was in the right section, but then what?


Attached some screenshots with minimal comment. Thanks!