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Total costs not matching course reference files. (Configuring Cost Transparency Apps and Services in R12)

Question asked by gustavocorvino on May 29, 2018
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Hi guys!


I am trying to finish my last hands-on course on the Learn@Apptio course, Configuring Cost Transparency Apps and Services in R12, but my IT Resource Tower numbers aren't matching the reference numbers on the file.


I know those numbers are references to the Cost Transparency course, so I imagined they should match.


I checked most tables related to the cost source, IT Resource Tower and Data Center costs, and still haven't found if it was user error, or if the reference file wasn't updated. 



The reference file shows:

Reference File


And my allocation, following the Cost Transparency course:


Here is my project link:… 


Thanks in advance,




@Edit: Just as an update, I also realized that both IT Resource Tower lists are different. In the "Configuring Cost Transparency" course, there is Cloud Storage and Cloud Archive sub-towers, which I have not found in the "Acme IT Resource Tower Lists" reference file.