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Data upload issue with date format in Apptio

Question asked by dheerajkala on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by dheerajkala

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We are initiating our Apptio Implementation and received file for forecast CapEx entry. We are facing issue while uploading the file , it is not accepting the header as "Year Month" for example "2018 Jan" . This header we wanted to make as date format to update data in particular month. But system is not recognizing it and if we are uploading it as "Month Year" e.g. "Jan 2018" then it is fine with mapping date . Do we have any alternative by which we can have header as "year month" instead "month year". The source system which are providing this data is also consumed by other system so we don't wanted to change in existing system's heading .

Please tell me if any alternative is there in tool.