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My numbers are off on page 39. Two UPDATES to the 3-20-18 dated guide.

Question asked by Employee on Apr 6, 2018
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If you're asking, "What did I do wrong if my Data Dimensions Report numbers are slightly off?"  The answer is probably nothing.  There was an update to the training environment recently and the master data sets now have more fields available to map.  We do not need to change what we map but because there are more fields in the Cost Source master data table now, the completeness percentage is slightly different.  Below is the updated report from page 39 in the guide date 3-20-18.


I have now updated page 39 in the 3-20-18 dated guide with the above screen shot. 


I also updated the first formula on page 43 for Cost Center Name. The correct formula is:


=Lookup(Functional Unit,IT Org Mapping,Functional Unit,Functional Unit Owner)


There most current version of the guide that contains these updates is dated 4-5-18.