Elite TBMA requires pratical experience

Discussion created by wittebolm on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by julie.batty@rbs.co.uk

As Recognized TBMA 2018 R12 I started the Elite TBMA 2018 training. The first exercises and podcasts of the ETBMA training went well. At a certain moment I came to the point to Unlock the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12), so I did


When I review the exam I realize that passing the exam should only be possible with a lot of practical experience. For just starters in the world of Apptio an almost impossible job because they do not have the experience in the real world.


OK, then you require patience to wait until the moment you have enough experience in the real world. However, this will take a lot of time and second, your boss will not be happy that you miss the speed in trouble shooting the TBM project within the company.


So, I personally think that the gap between RTBMA and ETBMA is too big from a practical experience perspective and should be narrowed by more practical training (webinars) in line with the ETBMA exam. Before the ETBMA exam we have one podcast called Allocation Granularity Podcast that fits the requirement as well but we should have more.


What do you think, did you experience the same and how did solve this challenge?