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I have really done my research on the Apptio U Explorer Badge.  Yet, I do not understand why I do not have it.  So far I understand the following based on my research on community:


Above is the Explorer Badge, and it should show up in your profile on the rewards tab under the badge header if you have been rewarded with it.


In order to gain points within the Apptio community, there are several methods that can be used. To find out more on these methods, refer to the guide titled, How Do I Gain Points On The Community.  In this link, you will find the Apptio U Explorer Badge listed.


Specifically, when it comes to acquiring the Apptio U Explorer Badge, you must complete the Apptio University Explorer courses.  I found this discussion string:  Explorer and Navigator Quests? Within this discussion, André Hedman confirms that the first seven courses of the R12 Recognized TBMA (RTBMA) Learning Plan  are the courses necessary to achieve the Apptio U Explorer Badge.  After reading Become an Apptio Recognized TBMA, I further confirmed that "after completing these courses, you will automatically earn the Apptio University Explorer badge and gain points to increase your level on Community. This badge will be visible on your TBM Connect profile."  The attached picture is my confirmation of the completed courses in the above.


I  completed these courses at least 2 weeks ago, however I still do not have the Apptio U Explorer Badge.  Is there more criteria for the badge that I did not cross in my research?  For those who already received the badge, what were your steps to receive the badge?