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Is there a way to know where does a column in a table come from in a report?

Question asked by luiscamacho on Mar 14, 2018
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So it's simple, I have a report, it has a table and it has columns, and I know that you need to add columns from a table, data set, metric or perspective to build it. But what if I want to find out what are or where are the columns that made it.

I know you can right click on the Adhoc of the table and "show the full data path" but for some reason I can't see all the columns there, for example. I have this table:

Central Print has a Cost of 0, and I want to find out why or what's happening, so I need to find where does the "Cost" column come from, so I right click and show the full data path:



I look for something to tell me where or how the Cost column was brought here, but I get nothing, there's no direct detail about the column and it only shows formulas or calculations for the others.


If someone could help me I'd appreciate it.