3/13 Webinar | Leverage Your Existing Budget to Accelerate Financial Forecasting Using Apptio IT Planning

Discussion created by Employee on Mar 5, 2018

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Historically, IT organizations have made significant investments creating an annual budgeting process based on spreadsheets. But that process is often quite lengthy, taking several months in many cases, and wrought with errors. However, there's another issue beyond the annual cycle - how to create a forecasting process that keeps up with the business.


In this webinar, Apptio will:

  • Discuss how to automate IT budgeting and forecasting with a modern cloud planning application.
  • Show you how to leverage your existing budget (whether or not you budget using Apptio today) to rapidly develop a forecast model…anytime of the year.
  • Introduce the notion of an IT rolling forecast process in the context of your budget cycle.


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