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Are there any errors in the guide's steps for Data Management in R12?

Question asked by luiscamacho on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Debbie Hagen

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Activity: Apptio Recognized TBMA R12 


I just wanted to ask you a few questions about the Data Management in R12 activity. I’ve been checking it trying to get it done but there are somethings on the instructions that don’t add up to my results and I’ve been checking and redoing step by step but I can’t get t right.


  •      In step 9 when appending the Headcount Plan and the Staff Allocations tables to the Labor Master Data and checking the Cost Source model verify, I get Cost Metric right, but the Budget Metric not, according to the instructions it should be $4,178,650 in the Labor table but I0m getting $2,382.315.


  •      The same thing is happening with the Other Cost Pools Model in step 12, in the budget metric I should be getting $4,785,333 but I’m getting $6,581.668.
  •       These 2 problems are causing me to have a difference in the Data Dimensions Dashboard report in step 13.
  •       I’m currently in step 14 it says to append and map the AWS Billing Detail table to the Cloud Service Provider Master Data. It says to map The Consumer and Consumer ID columns but these columns are not defined in the Master Data, I know I can Add them but I don’t know if I should, and following that it also asks to map the Microsoft Azure Billing Detail table to the Consumer column.


  •      Following in the same step it ask to append Microsoft Azure Services Mapping table to the Cloud Service Provider Lookup Master Data, however the Microsoft Azure Services Mapping is never mentioned to be created, but so I did, but when I’m trying to map the columns, not all of them are defined in the Microsoft Azure Service Mapping table  such as Instance Type or Service Type. I also know that I can add them but I don’t know how the formula to add the data.


i hope you can give me some directions or at least tell me if there’s something wrong with the instructions.