Let's Build a Healthcare Taxonomy!

Discussion created by swmorley on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by tormand1@fairview.org

Hey Group!


In mid-July we plan to schedule a webinar discussion where we can start talking about a services taxonomy for healthcare - both payer and provider. I'm super excited and believe this will be a great platform for more work in the future (benchmarks, optimization, etc.). 


For this effort to benefit our industry, we need everyone to share their thinking. I know we at Intermountain Healthcare definitely don't have all the answers. We are hoping to learn from each of you so we can improve our efforts. 


Call to Action - In preparation for this discussion, would you please get with your teams and respond to this thread with any questions, ideas, or samples of your taxonomy? This will help us start to see what others are thinking so we can build off each other. 


Details regarding the event will be coming soon.