How much of your job role is devoted to TBM?

Poll created by sarahm on Feb 21, 2019

I'm wondering how many in the community are all TBM all the time.  For me, at this point, I can only dedicate less than 10% overall to TBM.  Most of my time is spent as an application business analyst as well as production support for our accounting group, P to P, and AR.  For context, I work for a privately-held, midsize company with a small IT shop.  We're going through some growing pains but we'll get there.


Rhonda Keller Luke Lipan Megan Goodfellow Brett Yates Ryan Daley

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  • 100% All TBM all the time!
  • 75-99% TBM.
  • 50-74% Time spent on TBM
  • 25-49% Time spent on TBM
  • <25% Time spent on TBM. Mostly have other duties.