Should the "Lock" button be unable to work when Dev or Stage is calculating?

Poll created by fordmk on Jul 19, 2018

Hi everyone!  To explain my poll here let me give you the background.  The Lock button in TBM Studio is used when we are prohibiting check-ins to occur primarily when we are pushing data from Stage to Production.  What some of you may have experienced (or others maybe not) is that if you lock Stage while a calculation is on-going in either Dev or Stage, it will automatically kick-off another build step.  This then means you need to wait even longer before your environments are synced and you can push to Production.  This scenario (as weird as it may sound) has happened to us multiple times, sometimes even by accident.  Our proposal is that Apptio makes it so that you cannot lock Stage when there is a calculation going on in the system.


Anyone else think this would be helpful?


Kevin Collins Paul Matthews Nancy Pohuly

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