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Hi, friends!   By popular demand, here is our official Meme of the Week thread.  Because laughter is the best medicine in the middle of a busy work day, I will try to post a new, fun-loving meme on this thread every week and I invite you to share you favorite memes as well!   I'll kick us off...   *Side note when
What this page requires more than anything, in its quest to help you process the valuable information in the Installing and Configuring CTF R12 class (formerly titled Data Management), is that rare talent - TBMAs - to start discussions or to share their experiences that work, that grow TBM understanding—big ones, small
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Hi there,   This question is regarding Backpack 1 with regard to the Acme OpEx Budget table.   While checking my results for Cost Source model, budget metric selected, I saw there were no costs flowing from Cost Source to Other Cost Pools. While searching for the error, I was also checking the source data and found there was an