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Hello all - I am the head of the TBM office for my company and am currently on a implementation path for ITP and CT.  My question to this audience is, where within the IT organization does your Cloud cost management tool ownership reside?  Up until now, our Enterprise Architecture function has own all things cloud; including the management our… (Show more)
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Click to view contentDo you or your end users have a go-to Self-Service Reporting "recipe" that guarantees success & delight? A special bake or spice? It's time to kick off our second Cook Off, Self-Service Reporting style! We'd like for you to share your favorite Self-Service reports with the larger Apptio Community so that others can benefit from them.   … (Show more)
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This paper provides a detailed description of the Technology Business Management (TBM) taxonomy. It is designed to be shared with the TBM Council Standards Committee for the purpose of gathering feedback and communicating changes and updates. For more information on the Standards Committee, see last page of this document or refer to the TBM…
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Dear TBM Council Members,   It’s that time of year: back to school! And in that spirit, we have a lot of learning opportunities for you, plus new ways to engage and share what you know. We are a community of thought-leaders after all, and learning from each other is key.     TBM Conference Starts November 9 Sign-up to the TBM Conference 2020…
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  Apptio Allocation Compendium: Attached MS Word document   Apptio Folks,   The attached document can be used as a starting point in recording the allocation decisions made during your Apptio implementation.   The information has been collected from Apptio articles, Apptio Connection contributions made by other professionals, and a good portion…
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