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If you haven't sign up yet, I'd encourage everyone to see if they can attend the webinar next week where we'll get to learn a bit more about Children's Health of Dallas.

Apptio - Healthcare Perspectives: Why Children’s H...
Lauren Griessel
During this session, we will present the roadmap with news of new themes being developed for Q3 2019. However we would also like to invite suggestions for any additional topics you would like to discuss. Some common areas may be Labor planning, Contract planning, CT / ITP Integration, Multi-currency etc.   Please use this Smartsheet form to pick…
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I just completed my RTBMA 2019 course!   I would like to encourage anyone who is progressing through this right now, to be persistent, especially if you're in an inconvenient timezone as I am, in Melbourne, Australia. (Many of my webinar sessions were at 10pm or 12am midnight, and ran for 3 hours.) I actually completed my exam in 2018, but had to… (Show more)
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Action Items   Action Item Who Draft up a file//location for capturing application : service categorization across all organizations Sara Share and populate applications they have categorized to template above All Add to and recommend which metrics we should focus on. Add recommended levels for ones to focus on (i.e. Lab order by type, etc.) All…
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Click to view contentIf you're looking to sharpen your Apptio skills and have some fun along the way, join us for the rest of this year as we Race Across The Mapptio!   Each month we'll release Apptio puzzles that will help you test your TBMA talent. Every time you solve a puzzle you'll win points and a badge on community. You can jump into the race in any month and…
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Hi everyone.  We are continuously improving our Apptio mobile app, and are interested in Community feedback on what would be most useful.      Which 2 or 3 features would you consider to be most useful?     -Executive Dashboard with high level finance reports -Monthly Cloud Spend reports -Cost Pool and IT Resource Tower cost reports -Ability to… (Show more)
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