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Hi, friends!   By popular demand, here is our official Meme of the Week thread.  Because laughter is the best medicine in the middle of a busy work day, I will try to post a new, fun-loving meme on this thread every week and I invite you to share you favorite memes as well!   I'll kick us off...   *Side note when

Hi, I'm afraid I submitted my screenshots for Backpack1 too soon lol! Still need to complete Cost pool allocation set up. Could you please reset step 5a so I can resubmit.     Here is a link to my project  
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Hi there,   This question is regarding Backpack 1 with regard to the Acme OpEx Budget table.   While checking my results for Cost Source model, budget metric selected, I saw there were no costs flowing from Cost Source to Other Cost Pools. While searching for the error, I was also checking the source data and found there was an