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I just completed the R12 for R11 Experts online course.  The videos were beautifully done and really gave me the needed guidance for the transition.  Incredible interactivity for online videos, I was pretty amazed!  Thanks to all who contributed to the videos and the documentation!  Kudos again to the best Education Team on the
Hi, friends!   By popular demand, here is our official Meme of the Week thread.  Because laughter is the best medicine in the middle of a busy work day, I will try to post a new, fun-loving meme on this thread every week and I invite you to share you favorite memes as well!   I'll kick us off...   *Side note when
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Cloud is complex, and it's getting more convoluted by the minute. Fiscal chaos ensues when organizations mismanage costs, including cloud costs. As cloud usage grows, enterprises are scrambling to understand and control the aggregate costs of cloud. Technology governance has become a critical focus for all companies. The fact that organizations