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ITP - Have any of you nailed the forecasting aspect of IT?

Question asked by on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by rhonda

Hi all

I'm just wondering whether we have any users on here who feel like they've got the forecasting aspect of IT Planning working really well? And also if any of those people are going to the EU user conference next week so that I can maybe introduce myself and ask some questions about what you are doing?


This is our first time using ITP to do our forecasting and I was super excited because budgeting was such an awesome experience for us but the forecasting felt very hard and less intuitive for us but it may be because of how we set it up and so I want some tips and to learn how to get better at it!


Maybe if there are a few of us we can swap stories and notes and I'd be happy to pull together some top tips from our discussion to share back on here.


Sending lots of thanks in advance!!