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Labor Budget $ not flowing

Question asked by iradanila on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Debbie Hagen



Sorry I got stuck again. I configured 'Labor' and I can see my Labor Cost $ matching the Guide but when I look at 'budget' metric, nothing flows. Here are the steps I took to figure out why:


1. Check Labor Actuals file and the newly added columns to make sure correct Type and formulas. Both Labor Headcount and Planned Headcount are = 1  and the Type is 'numeric' and not label. 

 2. Check the Labor master data  - I have no errors and I can see Labor headcount and Planned Headcount. 


3. Check the model - Cost is showing OK but Budget is not allocating


I did try to change the 'Labor Headcount' to 'Planned Headcount' for the Budget metric. HOWEVER, when I change it, it changes for both Cost and Budget metrics and it messes up my Cost allocation ... 


I really don't know what I've missed.


Thank you!