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Backpack 4 - work from yesterday is gone :-(

Question asked by ce153228 on May 23, 2019
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Yesterday I spent 3+ hours working on Backpack 4 - adding components, tables, data,...  Well it is all gone :-(


When I tried to save and check in everything late yesterday afternoon, I received 100+ server communication errors and Apptio began acting strange.  I guess that was not a good sign.  I had completed the exercise up to page 24 of backpack 4.  none of which remains today in my project.  In addition, my project shows that many tables have a new version pending, but the update workspace menu item is greyed out.  I have a number of tables which are in Limbo.  at this point I think I have corrupted my project workspace beyond repair.  


My project information is =


so my question for you is, at this point do I just give up on Backpack 4??  and move on to the next item?


Thoughts, ideas, suggestions