Are we doing the right things?

Blog Post created by swmorley on May 25, 2018

One of areas we've been pushing our service owners in is to validate their service, not just assume. While we've done a fairly good job at estimating the needs of the business. I can't say we've nailed it.


The article below shares a simple ways we can validate our IT services with our customers/partners. It doesn't always just have to be a straight up question. Getting creative can engage clinicians and business teams in unique ways that peaks curiosity in our TBM efforts. 


Get Creative With Your B2B Experiments — Strategyzer 


Whenever a service owner or I have ran these "experiments" we've always had a good response. It builds relationships and it opens a dialogue that is sometimes hard to start. Just this week I had two "customers" comment on how much they appreciated providing input and being heard. Such a simple process that yields a strong result.


What type of tests or experiences have you found helpful with your clinicians and business teams?