What's coming in healthcare?

Blog Post created by swmorley on Jan 26, 2018

So I read an interesting article this morning that I wanted to share. It's based on a survey from Deloitte on where several top health system CEOs see the industry moving in the future.



Deloitte 2017 survey of US health system CEOs: Moving forward in an uncertain environment - Modern Healthcare 


As I read the article, I couldn't help but think about how the work each of us is engaged in might help us navigate toward the future. Two specific things came to mind. The first is providing transparency and agility to help with decisions, specifically around investing and determining what holds value. Second, and tied closely to the first, is helping to better align IT to customer needs.


Transparency is at the core of TBM. We help illuminate the value various opportunities IT brings to our organizations, both from a cost and qualitative perspective. In turn, this helps our organizations where to invest and where to digress. With technology becoming a more core component of healthcare delivery, the value our teams bring should only increase as we support the many technology decisions our organizations will face.


One of the core fundamentals of implementing TBM is helping each service understand who their customers are. Understanding this alignment is crucial to ensuring the proper communication and demand management channels are in place. I personally love using the Business Model Canvas (more here) for this exercise. It has helped us become more focused on the core needs of our customers. Cutting out the fluff and redundancy where possible.


I know we talked about this at the conference, but I'm curious what each of you see as the future of healthcare. What are the big challenges your organizations are facing and what role do you see technology planing in making that future a reality?