A Month in Review: March 2017

Blog Post created by Employee on Mar 31, 2017

We were thrilled to launch the TBM Council virtual healthcare workgroup this past month.  Here is a quick look at some of our highlights from March 2017.


Member Growth

The group currently has 25 members. We heard from multiple members that it will be helpful to have an updated contact list that consists of member’s names and emails. This list will be launched in early April.


Topics of Interest

Here are a few topics we will cover in the upcoming months:

  • Defining IT services. How are others determining these definitions? 
  • Defining IT costs, specifically defining what is IT vs. BioMed
  • Experiences with adopting Taxonomy 2.0
  • Lessons learned from TBM implementation
  • How does TBM support keeping costs down (administrative and medical costs)?


Please continue to update the group with topics you hope to cover over the next year.


Have some insight you want to contribute to one of more of these topics? You can post your feedback in the discussion section or write a workgroup blog.


March Blog

Positioning Healthcare for the Future by Steve Morley, Intermountain Healthcare


Healthcare in the News

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