Positioning Healthcare for the Future

Blog Post created by swmorley on Mar 8, 2017
We're back!
After a brief intermission the TBM Healthcare workgroup is back. I know we at Intermountain Healthcare are excited to participate and learn from each of you once again.
Like many of you, our organization has seen several impacts from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and we’re also currently on the population health and telehealth journeys like so many of you. As an integrated health system, our payer organization is also working through the changes the ACA has or might bring to healthcare. It's been a challenging adjustment that we continue to work through and will continue to be as the legislature decides about repeal and replace. So what's next? How can technology help support and drive the appropriate healthcare  required to meet the needs of the populations our organizations serve?
You and I are here because we believe the principles behind Technology Business Management will help our organizations succeed in the effective use of technology. Some of us are just learning about TBM principles; others are more advanced in their practices. Wherever you and your organization are at with TBM, we can all share ideas and concepts to support one another. Especially as we look at exploring healthcare specific challenges.
As we consider what we can accomplish as a workgroup, a few initial ideas come to mind: 
  • Service Library for Healthcare

Are there a core set of services for provider and payer organizations? How do we represent new delivery models such as Population Health and Telehealth?


  • Who are the customer of IT? (hospitals, clinics, insurance, enterprise clinical services, etc.)

Some may not have this challenge. Others may have a challenge around representing both clinical care areas and geographic based business units. How do we create transparency and shape demand for both customer segments?


  • CIO Dashboard

What healthcare specific measures do our CIOs want to see? What initiatives are top of mind? Could we build a starting point for all organizations in this industry to draw from?


  • Benchmarks

What are the core metrics we want to measure and compare? How do we facilitate learning and best practices among ourselves so we can help each other improve how we deliver technology to the businesses we serve?

What do you hope to gain from this workgroup? What can we work on together to help transform the way healthcare is delivered given our roles in IT?