• Organizational ownership of Cloud Cost Management Tools?

    Hello all - I am the head of the TBM office for my company and am currently on a implementation path for ITP and CT.  My question to this audience is, where within the IT organization does your Cloud cost managem...
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  • TBM Exec Forum - June 9th

    Our next TBM Exec Virtual Webinar is on June 9th with Larry Godec and Chris Akeroyd. To register, please email me directly at Tim.Pietro@advocateinsiders.com.  
  • Would like to join the user group

    Stanley Black and Decker would like to contribute to the NorthEast User Group.   How can we get involved?    John Stanko  Director TBMO  John.Stanko@sbdinc.com 
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  • TBM Executive Forum - April 2020

    Community,   Our next TBM Executive Forum webinar is on April 14th. Click the link below to register!   https://lnkd.in/e7Pz_na   Tim
  • Business Acceptance Testing (BAT)

    The overall purpose of Business Acceptance Testing (BAT) is to validate the software against business needs. BAT is conducted to verify whether the system can support day to day business and user scenarios to da...
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  • TBM Executive Forum - February 2020

    Hello all! We are happy to present our first TBM Executive Advisory Forum Webinar of the year! Phil Armstrong from Great-West Lifeco and TBM Senior Manager Megan Sikora from Copper River Enterprise...
  • Mobile App for Apptio

    Hi everyone.  We are continuously improving our Apptio mobile app, and are interested in Community feedback on what would be most useful.      Which 2 or 3 features would you co...
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  • TBM Exec Forum - December 2019 (Registration Open)

    Hello TBM Council Members!   The time has come to register for The next TBM Executive Advisory Forum webinar on December 3, 2019 at 2:00 - 3:00pm ET! Hosted by Tim Pietro, we are joined by Shana Berger from Chi...
  • truncate

    How to truncate numeric field, example I have 3452.1376 and truncated result 3452.13  
  • Datalink finfished with - Success [Failed to group check-in]?

    I receive Datalink finfished with - Success [Failed to group check-in] - what this and how to avoid it?
  • TBM client challenges

    Hello TBMers!   I recently joined the community and would like to learn from your experiences with regards to:   1. The most common challenges you come across when implementing TBM for new clients and how ...
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  • TBM Exec Forum Webinar - The Birth of TBM (Sept 2019)

    TBM Exec Forum Webinar - The Birth of TBM (Sept 2019)Join your TBM peers for The Birth of TBM and Its Current Life Stage webinar scheduled for Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET. Hear from the ...
  • Mid-Year Forecast Restatement Best Practices

    I am trying to gain an understanding of how others manage change with an impact to the forecasting process. 
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  • Intro & Question on Podcasts

    Hello Everyone,     I'm new to the TBM field and excited to learn and network.  I'm in a technical training program utilizing Apptio supporting service invoice uploads and chargebacks.  My questio...
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  • IoT Networks

    How do we categorize IoT networks? End User --> Network does not make sense from a cost allocation perspective. Probably better to place as part of Infrastructure --> Network -->Virtual Private Network? Thoug...
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  • Project Demands by TBM

    Has anyone looked at categorizing project and demand pipelines using the service taxonomy? Here is an example of the taxonomy applied to one of our client's demands. It gives great executive-level insight into where t...
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  • Geographic Information Systems

    Mapping our services to the taxonomy and could not find a place for shared GIS services. Any thoughts? This includes geocoding, elevation and orthoimagery functions. Technologies included things such as ESRI and Bound...
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  • TBM Exec Forum - July 10, 2019 Registration Open

    Join your peers at The TBM Executive Advisory Forum's July webinar to hear from TBM execs who are making smarter decisions faster with TBM. With IT cost analysis, too much time and effort are often spent extracting, c...
  • Datalink for BMC needs a default Port

    Just wondering if there is a workaround, since I updated my datalink to the latest version, I'm now required to put a PORT# although we've never defined it internally.   Within Datalink, it says, BMC Port (Optio...
  • Where to start?

    Good Morning, I'm brand new to TBM connect and it looks like a lonely place.  I have one connection.  So where do we start - get involved or see the conversations areas of interest?  Look forward to con...
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