• TBM Exec Forum Webinar - The Birth of TBM (Sept 2019)

    TBM Exec Forum Webinar - The Birth of TBM (Sept 2019)Join your TBM peers for The Birth of TBM and Its Current Life Stage webinar scheduled for Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET. Hear from the ...
  • Forecasting for Attrition

    We have gone through various scenarios on how forecast for attrition in our ITP planning. Negative headcount, a payroll credit? Looking for some ideas. Strategies, methodologies on how you are planning for attrition? ...
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  • Goldie Locks and the many Contract types

    Hi, all - would very very happy to hear how you are using Contract Types as meta data to drive better segregation of recurring spend. In our environment we have relatively few account types to choose from, and ma...
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  • Planning Extending Some Actuals Into Next Fiscal Year?

    Hello, We are creating a new budget (FY2020) for our next fiscal year and we are using our final forecast of the current fiscal year (FY2019) as the baseline.  I've noticed that the new budget includes the 1st q...
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