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Do you or your end users have a go-to Self-Service Reporting "recipe" that guarantees success & delight? A special bake or spice? It's time to kick off our second Cook Off, Self-Service Reporting style! We'd like for you to share your favorite Self-Service reports with the larger Apptio Community so that others can benefit from them. 


Self-Service Reporting is an Apptio capability that empowers end users of Cost Transparency & IT Financial Management Foundation products to create on-demand reports and visualizations by querying the underlying data in Apptio. This eliminates bottlenecks in creating reports and empowers your end users, freeing up analysts to focus on other strategic priorities. For more information on the capability please visit the Self-Service Product Knowledge Base and attend the upcoming CSM Live webinar "Propel Decision-Making with Self-Service Reporting for IT Planning" on September 23rd. For a quick tutorial, you can also watch the Self-Service Reporting & Self-Service Reporting for ITP training videos.


Now, back to the contest. How can you enter and what's in it for you? To enter, you can either:

1) Email your Customer Success Manager a screenshot of the report, along with a description of how to create it and how it is being used to drive decision-making. We will either blur out your data or replicate the report in a sandbox environment so your data is concealed

2) Submit a recipe using the instructions outlined here


All entries are due by September 30thApproved entries will be uploaded into the Insight Cookbook.  The Apptio Community will be voting throughout the contest. The Self-Service Recipe with the most votes will receive a $100 Amazon gift card AND more importantly, Apptio fame and bragging rights with a showcase on Community!


The prize excludes Apptio Employees.