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hello, I am on Backpack " configuring ITFMF" and am following instructions to enable CT integration with IT Planning, pages 12-16 inclusive. When I check that the projects are communicating, I get a blank screen  indicating this step has failed:-… (Show more)
HelIo, I believe I've corrected fallout just fine but the number that appears in the cost metric does not match the one in the guide for me to get the screenshot, please help.   Greetings
Hi, I cannot get any dollars in my Storage devices breakdown of IT Resource Towers. I have checked the report as instructed and it also says 0. But I have tried to do everything exactly as explained in the guide, and don't know what I have missed. HELP!!!!  … (Show more)
Hi,   I am currently trying to complete this training before I go on leave on 26th January. I am having some issues which I cannot understand. The first one is in the Cost Source model. My numbers do not match (but are exactly the same as the two different numbers in the guide). I have tried to work out what I have not connected correctly but… (Show more)
Hi,   I am completing the fourth backpack and I don't know how to append my data center data to master data. I was able to upload the file and set the formulas. My data is separated by commas but the problem seems to be that all of the data is in the first column A (cells A1-A8). See screenshot attached.   Since my data is only in one column I… (Show more)
I created a report and an adhoc chart and the values look great but everytime I go to another place and I have saved it, I came back to the report and the chart is blank with an error.  I have to restart the chart but again the information does not stick. See attachments I have submitted before and after pictures of the chart
Hi, Re BackPack 1 activity: Loading Cost Source Acme OpEx and CapEx Actuals in training environment   I get the attached error message when I'm trying to upload the Acme OpEx and CapEx Actuals… (Show more)
I seem to have missing data in Cost Source Master Data for IsProject, therefore, I cannot filter Project out of Vendors.   I worked through the responses from Debbie, and got the data to flow into Projects, but Vendors did not decrease. When I check the Cost Source Master Data the column for IsProject is empty. Project link:… (Show more)
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