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HI - I have uploaded the Labor Roles and Labor Rates files into CT and I have followed all the steps outlined.  However, as I try to Import the Labor Rates from CT, I keep getting an error (see screen shot). I have re-traced my steps and re-worked all the steps laid out in the guide but I seem not to figure out the issue.     Would you be able to… (Show more)   The allocated $$ do not match.  I am having trouble finding the correct data relationship to produce the correct $ allocations.
Hi, I have created the new table as per the steps but upon trying to upload a file: 'Acme OpEx and CapEx Actuals.xlsx'. I encountered this 'Unsuccessful server response code of 403 (-200). Kindly advice if it's server side issue or i have miss something..   Thanks & regards, Pei-Fen
Click to view contentHi, Couple of issues. When i got to page 33 and there was supposed to be some allocations into Cost Source, i have 0$ flowing into it.      The other issue i have is i'm trying to trouble shoot and go back to the Opex Budget and OpEx and CapEx actuals tables, it just continuously tries to load.     Here is a link to my project:… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi Jenny, I noticed my Labor $ don't fully allocate. I got 98% showing as allocated.   And I am not sure why we have 2 x IT Resource Sub Towers, one is spelled IT Resource Sub Tower and the other one present in the Master Data is spelled IT Resource Sub-Tower with a dash. I ended up mapping both fields to the same IT Resource Tower and Sub… (Show more)
Click to view contentI am trying to join the webinar and it is not giving me the usual 'join' button. Clifford Bird
Hello, I have a gap of $ 2,667 at the Opex Budget Fixed level which is reflected in the Cost Source and Fixed Asset Ledger. I do not understand where this gap comes from. Can you help me ?
My Cost Source numbers at the beginning of my CT project (page 35 in the guide) are not lining up with the prescribed numbers. I'm getting $3,439,580 and $3,493,419 for my Budget and Cost models respectively (instead of $3,501,992 and $3,481,613). I can't find any issues in my set-up thus far. Should I review my configurations more or move on?… (Show more)
I have completed my backpacks training, only the main problem I have faced is dollars not flowing from Applications to Business Services and I know that is because of data relationship, the source column is Application data where all the data application information column is provided and Destination column is business services where business… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello my fellow TBMA,    I have a question. It took me a while to add the extra conditions. I still don't understand why are we adding the extra conditions? The Guide on Page 21 mentions because we only want cost that is not allocating to Fixed Assets or Labor.    I still don't get it   what does Vendor have to do with the Labor?   
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