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Hi, I began work on the troubleshooting exam for ETBMA (R11) in December last year. I know its been a while, work (and training on R12!) gets in the way unfortunately.   I wanted to check how long you keep the login available?  (I just checked and it's still there today)   I would like to go back in and finish the R11 Elite training as it would… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello,   I am working on backpack 4, all of my numbers have been correct following the student guide. After I configured the Hypervisor to Serves on page 32, my numbers did not match the diagram. Physical Server became over-allocated.   I restarted the guide from the beginning as I could not find an error, however I came out with the same result… (Show more)
I am working on the ITFMF course.  In page 65 of the guide where ITPF Budget Transform is being appended to the Cost Source Master Data. The amount attribute of the Master data is being set by prepending an "=" sign followed by Value Amount, instead of just typing in Value Amount. The same is true of Local Amount. Whereas with regards to the GL… (Show more)
In RTBMA BackPack 1. I have completed until step 08, but step 09 Course Feedback appears as locked. How can I access this step to complete the BackPack?
Hello , I finished the cost transparency R12  recorded session and since yesterday i am waiting for the training environment to start the backpacks?? Someone can help me please on that ?? Thank you
Hello,   This may seem like a strange scenario. I have been working on Backpacks 1-4 for the past few weeks. You all have been a great help with Backpack 3 and allowing me to resubmit my screenshots. Today, I noticed that my backpack 2 and 3 assignments have changed, and now there are new videos and students guides in backpack 2 ans 3 that were… (Show more)
Hi, I"m on page 90 of the student guide. In my configuration, salaries are not being pushed across the months and I get a 1 in each month instead. I can see the Start and End dates are blank for all records but even when I populated them with dates the spread didn't happen.  Can you please help resolve this Thanks
I was Working on CT Apps and Services Base Project, but today I have been unable to access it after logging in. I have already tried rolling back to an earlier saved checkpoint and clearing the browser cache but the problem still persists.    Please do help me resolve this issue so that I can finish the backpack in the stipulated time frame.  … (Show more)
Hello,   I recently submitted the screenshots for backpack 3, and the answer key was blank. Is there a different way for me to get the answer key?   Thank you, Sara Mahini  … (Show more)
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